Ghost Cats…

Sometimes, in the evening, the presence of a feline is quite palpable. True, we do have three adorable kitties but sometimes, when you know they are not in the room, their presence is felt still.

Sitting on the couch, perhaps pleasantly perusing passages of a perfect book, suddenly you feel a cat elegantly hopping onto the sofa, walking across the pillows to enjoy a few loving strokes. But, as you avert your eyes from a paragraph, and absently reach to pet, you realize that no such cat exists. It is simply not there!

How is that possible? Is your mind playing tricks on you, unconsciously yearning for a feline to curl up near you, to hear their comfortable and soothing soft purr?

Who knows. I know that many times have I experienced such a spirit cat, a ghostly presence of a kitty as it plops on any surface, whether said couch or onto a bed.

I remember quite distinctly, when I lived in Brookline, MA, and at times I just knew that a cat jumped onto my mattress. I could feel it pad across the blanket, wending its sinewy way to me. I reached for a light–and there was nothing.

Another example of a ghost cat is when you are engaged in some activity, like reading a fine novel, and suddenly you gaze down to witness a purring cat upon your lap! How? How on earth did it get there?!

Cats are wonderful pets and yes, there are the requisite litter boxes to unload (pun intended), making sure they have plenty of water and food, cleaning up after projectile vomiting (what was that they consumed?…) but overall, despite such irritants, felines are always a welcome presence, a comfort to a harried mind.

Just gazing into their mesmerizing eyes, listening to their purr, their own eyes set at half mast in utter and wondrous bliss…how can anything be wrong in the world?

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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