Wolf Moon…

Last night, the Moon, in its ethereal splendor, deigned to appear, its ‘Wolf’ moon presence gravid in the wintry, starlit sky.

Mesmerizing, mysterious, and magnificent, it hovered upon the horizon, momentarily moored before ascending into the vault of heaven.

Beautiful…and perfect!

What imagery and memories come to mind when such a resplendent sphere is witnessed; its surface, mottled yet, reflects the brilliance of the sun upon our own spinning blue and darkled orb.

Its radiant glow casts shadows long and silent upon frigid grounds, a presence captivating amidst Cimmerian skies.

Held spellbound, it rises slowly, brightening the firmament and allowing all who gaze at its majestic hold in the heavens a chance to pause…to glimpse the sheer and wondrous primordial hint of existence.

The Moon, within its Eternal allure, fails not to speak to a singular Soul.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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