“I’m just saying….”

…and other trite sayings.

It appears that the art of conversation has gone by the wayside, picked up near the desolate tracks by Charon himself, heaved onto his ancient craft, and transported back to his muffled and Stygian realm.

Irksome phrases are rather disturbing, and it is amazing how these irritating ‘catch-all’ comments can be grating whilst attempting to engage in simple badinage.

‘It is what it is.’ What the hell does that mean, anyway? Can it actually be defined? What is what? What is? It is what?! Very curious, I must say, and exceedingly dull.

‘Whatnot’. Something that should instantly be banned from all speech. I suggest anyone that uses this…this abomination, should immediately go out and purchase a Thesaurus.

”To be honest…’. Now why wouldn’t you be in the first place?! When I hear that I suspect that the person is actually dishonest, machinating about something. Very mistrustful, if ever uttered.

‘Crazy busy!’ Ugh. Now that one I find incredibly grating on the nerves and it seems that that phrase, or its shortened version of just ‘crazy’, has been getting a lot of air time of late. A disturbing trend.

‘Look…’, a pet phrase of Joe Biden, and it sounds condescending and pedantic. People that utter that word might as well just say, “Look, you idiot, I’ll talk slower so you can understand.” Those that pepper their speech with that word warrant a yawn and a simple departure.

‘Can I ask you something?’ You just did. Yet another example of a beginning to a conversation that harbors no good whatsoever. Again, feign contracting the plague and stumble away.

‘Well…’ This one word has become so ingrained into society that nothing can be done about it, save not mentioning it yourself when called upon to answer.

And lastly, the word ‘Awesome!’ Need I say more?

That concludes my rant for today….


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