Orts?…Not in this House!

I was just thinking about my childhood, growing up with three older brothers, and one younger sister (eventually two more to the burgeoning brood…) and how my Mum (she’s British) managed to feed such a ravenous lot.

Granted, with so many rapidly growing teenagers in the house, it was difficult preparing enough comestibles for our insatiable gullets. We were firmly entrenched in the lower middle class, and so food was simple but plentiful. Dinners such as chicken legs, corn, and mashed potatoes graced our table countless times. And with just such a repast, Mum always had heaping platters and bowls of this stuff, not to mention our own respective plates laden with such savory delights.

The gist of this post? Well, trust me, there were never–NEVER–any leftovers in our household. None. You see, the four boys (my poor sister didn’t stand a chance) never really paid too much attention to the initial plate placed before us. Far from it. All eyes were on the ‘seconds’, and who had dibs on that chicken leg or that particular portion of spuds, or the few kernels clinging to the bowl. No, I do believe we inhaled that first dish, and it’s a wonder that none of us ever swallowed a spoon or fork!

This, of course, was not just relegated to supper. No, it came in many forms: cupcakes (gone!), mounds of cookies (where’d they go?!), and innumerable other goodies that my poor Mum slaved over in her tiny and overworked kitchen. Bless you, Mum.

So for now, once in a while pause your fork in mid-air, and allow a smile to crease your visage. Give a nod to your Mum, and enjoy that first plate. Take the time to savor every tiny morsel that passes between your lips.

All Rights Reserved~2011~Paul Grignon


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