Brumal Weather…

Brilliant azure skies greet the morn’, yet vestiges of winter’s grip lingers in the frigid,frosty air. Word from sundry weather channels heralds yet another Nor’easter,but conflicting reports leaves one wondering just what is in store. Rain? The possibility of a foot or more of that dreadful white stuff? Who knows.

Best to nestle in with a third cup o’ joe, and stay in the moment. But the mere thought of rummaging once again for the overused snow shovel certainly warrants a weary sigh.

Just a tiny observation on the length and utter dreariness of a long winter in New England. But then, are we not soon privy to the first crocus and morning birdsong of Spring? Allow Old Man Winter to have his last chortle, and then we can reclaim the outdoors once again. Nurse that steaming mug of coffee. Take a moment to venture onto your stoop and breathe deep the crisp, cool early morning breeze. Do you hear the faint whistling chirp of a robin?…



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